“We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed.”
2 Corinthians 4: 8-9
Challenge- we often hear this word on our everyday lives. When we go to school, we are often given with challenges to see how far have we learned from our lesson. Sometimes, when we have small talks, we challenge someone in order to see his/her capabilities, abilities, potentials, and etc. There are also times that we challenge other people to let them show that a particular thing is not true, true, or partly true. With these situations, we can say that challenge is an action to PROVE something, whether it’s true or not. In life, God always gives us challenges to PROVE some things in us; however, ARE WE GOING TO ACCEPT IT OR REJECT IT? If we are going to accept it, HOW? ARE WE READY TO FACE IT? If we are going to reject it, WHY?
There are many challenges given to us. Everyday, we are facing it. Every simple action is a challenge for us. When we wake up everyday in the morning, we are then challenged on how are we going to start the day, how are we going to set priorities, and how are we going to finish these priorities. When we cook food, we are also challenged on what we are going to do with the remaining ingredients on the fridge, how are we going to cook these ingredients, and how long will this food be cooked. See? In every simple routine that we are doing, we are given with challenges. Through these simple challenges we are having, we tend to prove something in us. A something that will have a lasting impression in us, such as “Uy, nakaya man diay nako lutuon ning mga nabilin nga rekados sa ref.” (Yes! I can’t believe that I can cook these remaining ingredients in the fridge). See? With this simple things/ challenges happening onto our lives, we can prove to ourselves that we can do certain things that are beyond prior experiences. This is the same on the dramatic challenges that are happening on our life. Sometimes, we often associate this on thunderstorms, tornadoes, landslides, hurricanes, and many more (simply because it’s dramatic and some people tend to compare these on the words mentioned). Sometimes, God gives us challenges to prove some things to us. We are sometimes given things that we haven’t received before, and sometimes, things that are somewhat new to us. I always observe that when a child receives a gift that is “new” to him/her, he/she tends to see it closely, seeing its components/parts, and shaking it just to see how this “new thing” works (and we also see their unusual reaction also). This is the same when God gives us challenges, we tend to react in another way, we tend to look closely on it, and we tend to ask Him why did He give this to us (and we also see our unusual reaction, which others can observe also). With the challenges given to us, we are given opportunities to make ourselves become a better individual that we desire to be. With this, we can also discover hidden potentials/abilities that we unleashed. See? The rewards are promising and long-lasting. This gives us an intrinsic motivation that further molds us to become better.
Looking on the other side, people are also afraid to accept these challenges, simply because they are afraid to take the risks they haven’t handled before. I can still remember when I accepted certain council and organizational posts, until such time that I have realized that accepting challenges is five-layers of cake (I didn’t use a piece of cake because piece of cake means easy to do), and with that, I just sat on one corner, crying, don’t know what to do, sought help from God, and surrendered everything to Him. With this situation, we can infer that challenges entail commitment and full responsibility. If we put these qualities on our challenges, then, the rewards are promising. There are also times that we are afraid to “go beyond our line”, because it’s risky. I can still remember the story of a person that is almost falling from a cliff (that was winter and it happened late night by the way), and then there’s this one person (He was God) and actually yelled, “Just let go and you will not die.” You know what the person, who is almost falling from the cliff, did? He never let go of his hand. Until morning came, that person died, and he’s just 5 meters away from the ground. See the effect when we reject something? We tend to just isolate ourselves on our line. We never see “the bright side” of stepping out of the line. Life is an ocean. If we never explore the ocean more, we can never see the beauty of its horizon.
Challenges aren’t that easy. Challenges leave us with many questions stumbling on our minds. Challenges want us to become better. Are you ready to accept it or reject it?
We may have challenges today, but have hope in God. He will never leave you. Always trust Him. Surrender everything to Him, and you will become better. God bless -ME

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